Our Story

Hi there!
We're Jon & Yusa (or "Jusa" for short).
Yusa is a clinical counsellor, and Jon is a biomedical writer. We both live in beautiful Vancouver, Canada and struggle with mental health issues.

In fact, Yusa made the first incarnation of Kasih Kit for herself and Jon to deal with day-to-day challenges. Then, one unremarkable day, we decided, "Hey! Why not share this kit with other people?" That's when we decided to start Kasih Kit!

Yusa, who is Indonesian, chose the name "Kasih," which means “care” or “to give” in Indonesian, as she hopes to help give people the care they need.

Fun facts:
Jon loves trivia and spends way too much time on Wikipedia (Team Jusa has won a few local pub trivia nights!).

Yusa sometimes gets too attached to TV characters and forgets they're not her real friends.

Kasih Kit Mission

We create high-quality, research-based mental health products, tools, and content that empower people to live fulfilling lives by equipping them with skills to care for their mental health.

Our Core Values

  • Respect: We respect the dignity of persons and people, and believe in their agency, creativity, and expertise in their own lives.
  • Integrity: We aim to lead by example and be honest with our customers.
  • Community & Relationships: We believe in the power and importance of relationships, communities of support, and collective care.
  • Meaningful Work: We find meaning in creating products that add value to people’s lives rather than extracting, exploiting, or harming their wellbeing.
  • Quality: We believe in products created with care, dedication, and diligence.