About Us

Welcome! We’re so glad you’re here!

We’re Jon and Yusa! Yusa is a clinical counsellor and Jon was a biomedical writer. Like many people, we both struggle with mental health issues. In fact, the very first Kasih Kit Yusa ever created was meant to help us deal with our own day-to-day problems. We felt the positive impacts of the kit immediately and decided we needed to share it with the world! 

We live in the stunning city of Vancouver, Canada and find ongoing inspiration for Kasih Kit from our community, customers, and loved ones. Yusa, who is Indonesian, lovingly chose the name kasih for the kit as it means to “care” or “to give” in Indonesian. And that’s what we both hope for: To “give” you a kit that helps you deal with the realities of life and “care” for your emotional wellbeing in an honest and lighthearted way. 

Some fun facts about us and Kasih Kit:

  • Jon loves trivia and can often be found “investigating” things on Wikipedia. We even participate in (and win!) several local trivia pub nights!
  • Yusa sometimes gets too…attached to TV characters and forgets they’re not real. We’ve had some comical, emotional outbursts wholly inspired by fictional characters.

The Kasih Kit Mission

We create high-quality, research-based mental health products, tools, and content that empower people to live fulfilling lives. Our goal is to equip people with skills they need to care for their mental health. 

Using clinical experience, Yusa created Kasih Kit to follow a guided, three-part process that embraces your humanity and words WITH your body and emotions: 

  1. Engage your senses with curated sensory items to soothe and comfort yourself.
  2. Engage your mind and body through words of affirmation and activities to validate and motivate yourself, while also relieving stress.
  3. Explore your feelings by identifying and logging specific emotions, thoughts, and events.

The Kasih Kit Core Values

  • Respect: We respect the dignity of persons and people, and believe in their agency, creativity, and expertise in their own lives.
  • Integrity: We aim to lead by example and be honest with our customers.
  • Community and Relationships: We believe in the power and importance of relationships, communities of support, and collective care.
  • Meaningful Work: We find meaning in creating products that add value to people’s lives rather than extracting, exploiting, or harming their wellbeing.
  • Quality: We believe in products created with care, dedication, and diligence.