What is Kasih Kit?

Kasih Kit is a research-based, mental health first-aid kit that helps you manage stress and maintain wellness through a hands-on, guided approach.

Sure you know that your mental health is important, but are you really dealing with your unappealing feelings? When you’re stressed out, you might often find it difficult to actually relax or calm down even if you know several ways to do so. This isn’t a personal weakness; it’s just how your body works.  

Kasih Kit, developed by a registered therapist, uses a holistic three-step approach that embraces your humanity and works with your body, not against it.

  1. Engage your senses with curated sensory items to soothe and comfort yourself
  1. Engage your mind and body through words of affirmation to validate and motivate yourself, and somatic activities to relieve stress
  1. Explore your feelings by identifying and logging specific emotions, thoughts, and events

Yes, dealing with unappealing feelings is the only way to manage them long term. What are you really feeling and why? Identify specific feelings on the Feeling Wheel. Are you just "stressed" or are you really feeling "disempowered" or "despair?" Write down your thoughts and feelings in the hand-stitched notebook provided, so you can process them later alone, with a partner, or with a mental health professional.

why the three-step process?

Whenever you experience stress, anxiety, fear, etc., your sympathetic nervous system is activated. It's designed to keep you safe through a "fight, flight, or freeze" response. Note the absence of "solve complex problems" or "ponder the mysteries of life, the universe, and everything?" This is why you can't just "calm down" or do a lengthy meditation from an app on command. When your sympathetic nervous system is "activated," your brain literally can't handle anything besides extremely simple tasks. Getting frustrated with yourself just makes things worse!

We know certain tips and tricks might not work for everyone. That’s why Kasih Kit guides you to develop mental health routines that work for you.

Kasih Kit helps you quickly calm down in the short term by engaging your senses followed by your body and mind. Kasih Kit helps you manage stress in the long-term by helping you be aware of, identify, and process specific feelings as well as associated thoughts and triggers.